In a DevOps environment where people use tickets and kanbans in order to organize their work, a version control system is absolutely necessary. It’s a quick, easy and safe way of isolating and keeping track of changes associated with tickets. Also, it greatly simplifies the collaboration between developers and operations. Created in 2005 by Linus Torvalds and Junio Hamano, GIT ... Lire la suite »

Créez votre propre dépôt de RPM avec mrepo

Garder le contrôle sur ce qui peut être installé, assurer la cohérence des environnements logiciels sur l’ensemble d’une infrastructure, exploiter un réseau en circuit fermé : les raisons pour monter son propre dépôt ne manquent pas. Cet article a pour but d’expliquer en détails la procédure de mise en oeuvre de mrepo, anciennement connu sous le nom de Yam. Lire la suite »

Cloud computing : Does it float ?

Cloud : a marketing concept hiding a complex technical reality, a simple word aimed at non-tech people, similar in its fogginess to the infamous Web 2.0 more than 10 years ago. As always, IT professionals have to see through the marketing fog, and I’m here to help. Lire la suite »

DevOps : A definition

DevOps : Dev for developers, Ops for Operations (i.e. systems administrators), two teams of technicians whose goals have been conflicting since the very beginning. While developers want to release innovative software with exclusive features implying the use of brand new technologies, sysadmins tend to favour the usage of well-known, rock-solid components on their servers. The DevOps movement started to get ... Lire la suite »